Training is my passion

I started teaching Software during my 1st semester in school. I became a proper teacher in 2008 starting with Arch Viz at the Art Institute of Colorado. I have taught in every design profession. I love teaching anything related to design.

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I have been Teaching for 22 years beginning with a tutor role. I have always seen training as a complimentary skill to my profession. It gives you practice speaking, leading a team, and prepares you to be a mentor for your peers. It also gives you practice with time management and helps you be more efficient in your daily profession. I still love teaching young industry professionals because they teach you new things. As a BIM Manager, when someone asks me for help I use that as a teaching opportunity. I don’t fix the problem without explaining, I teach them how to be self sufficient and explain what they were doing incorrectly. I have been offered the position of Department Chair of Architecture. I did not accept the job because what makes me a good teacher in my field, is that I enjoy working and I keep my skills and knowledge fresh by working in the field.

  • Johnson County Community College – AutoCAD Tutor
  • University of Kansas – AutoCAD, 3D Studio Viz (3ds Max predecessor), Revit
  • Art Institute of Colorado – ATC
  • Art Institute of Colorado – Arch Viz – Graphic Design, 2D/3D Animation, Motion Capture, Web Design, Fundamentals of Design, Interiors, and Photography
  • Cad-1 – ATC
  • Community College of Denver – Lead Instructor (Offered Dept. Chair of Architecture)
  • Arapaho Community College – Vista Peak Preparatory – Denver
  • Westwood Community College – Denver
  • Ledet Training Center – ATC – U.S. National
  • ITT Technical College – Denver/Portland
  • Microdesk – ATC
  • MyCadd Boston – ATC
  • DSP – British Columbia – Trainer for AES Engineering, CWA Engineering, and OMB Architects
Architectural Visualization – AIC
Adobe Professional Training – AIC
Web Animation AIC

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