These are Projects that fall under Occupancy Group A.

This is a render of the shark tank taken from the Unreal Model.
Javen Solomon Designed this sign in AI and I modeled it in Revit. It looks exactly like it was designed.
I modeled everything in the pic minus the train shed.

This is the link to the time lapse construction cam


This is the entry area designed in a train station theme.
This is the shark tank located in the hotel lobby.
AutoDesk Tandem Demo
3D Model Walkthrough
This was designed by one of my clients. I worked on certain aspects of this. I created the screen that is behind the tvs.
Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind
I was in charge of all catwalks, ramps, and levels in the gravity box.

This was a conceptual design of an Aquarium that was never built. I helped my clients create this wonderful panel system of trellises that would create an exterior form of a highly intelligent system that would hold lights and create a beautiful form that could be seen from miles. This was using the Revit massing system, utilizing a panel type to create the trellis system.

I was hired through ETRO Construction in Vancouver, BC to build a Coordination Model/Quantity model to get Concrete quantities and create a 3D coordination model. This was designed by my Colleague at OMB Architects. The building was designed in VectorWorks and this BIM program cannot export a decent 3D Bim model, so I was tasked to create a usable Revit Model for Construction.
I worked under the Structural Engineers to build the new fire station.

I have worked on 2 of the most high-tech factories on the planet. For 6 months I worked for a GC on the Intel Campus in Oregon at Rhonler Acres. This is the most expensive real-estate on the planet. I also ran the Santa Clara Campus, which was smaller, but just as intense in daily tasks. I worked directly under the Project Managers for Intel VDC department as a BIM Coordinator. I coordinated 16 different disciplines and produced 1-2 construction packages every day. This was a highly fast paced environment with Billions of dollars at stake. I worked 65 hours per week and this was the best experience I have had in my career. I ran the entire campus of 10,000 acres of buildings from 1 Revit file.

The Santa Clara campus was located in the Bay area, San Francisco.
Rhonler Acres is located in Beaverton, OR outside of Portland.
I worked on the server farm for 3 months in AutoCAD. This was a strange job, as it had so much security and red tape, that I cant even describe my work tasks because not much work was completed. I spent most of my day fighting with secure databases.
Through another Architecture client, I produced this sign which I refer to as the “Billion Dollar Billboard” as it was used to sell property to Google for their data farms.
This was a design/build scenario as this was an existing hospital that was expanding. This was under OSHPOD. I was a project Manager for an Electrical Engineering company in Sacramento. This project was the company’s first Revit project, and the worst project that I have ever worked on. The project had seen 3 PM’s quit, 6 engineers, and 2 foremen. I was tasked to save the project’s deadline and produce shop drawings that were 6 months behind. I ran a team of 3 BIM technicians to keep the project on task.
This was a 400 LOD, and the project was very difficult due to the project being used as 2D in Revit. All panel schedules were manual and half the projects info was in AutoCAD. This was the most difficult project I have worked on because it was so far behind, that the company lost money on the job. This is the project that taught me the Electrical Scope in Revit.

The design of the new St. Paul’s Hospital will be a patient-centered campus of care focused on sustainability and resiliency, as well as keeping patients healthy and cared for within their own community. The hospital will include a new emergency department, surgical and interventional services, a critical care unit, a maternal newborn unit and birthing suits, outpatient services, inpatient and outpatient mental health services, community care and outreach programs, and a multilevel, 1,170-space parking structure. Public spaces such as parks and plazas as well as community infrastructure will integrate this new facility with the community it serves.

I was the design lead/ BIM Coordinator for the MEP Scope – 2022
This was one of my major Faculty Maintenance Consulting Positions. BCH is the top Children’s hospital in the world, and one of the best research facilities in the US. I was tasked to help cleanup the Existing drawings and introduce BIM to the facilities Building Department. I first cleaned up 1000’s of AutoCAD drawings to get a baseline of how much work was to be done. We then were going to have a point cloud/scan produced to evaluate the accuracy of the AutoCAD drawings. Then we intended to place the campus into Revit. After 3 months of AutoCAD cleanup, we were stopped due to administrative changes at the hospital.
In Boston I consulted with Harvard’s building Department to create a site model in Revit so that they could implement Revit into their FM practices. I trained the consultant working on campus on how to set this up.
In 10 years of working in Denver, I have worked on almost every building on the CU campus in Multiple disciplines. I worked with the Building Department at CU to improve their FM practices.
I worked on 2 commons/mess halls on Sacramento State in Sacramento, CA through Mogavero Architects. I was project staff on the commons buildings and I was the PM on the 2 Dormitory rehabs. We replaced finishes, doors, security hardware, and replaced older equipment and finishes.
Gallatin County Detention Facility in Montana. This was my first and last maximum security prison. I worked on this prison through Durrant which is no longer in business. I worked on the design team for the entirety of the project.
This was the new courthouse, jail, and administration offices for Pueblo, Colorado. This was my very first professional project in 2007.
This was the rendering for the city website, where I was credited as “Artist”. lol
320Granville, Vancouver, BC. I was taked to create a MEP coordination model through BOSA since the CD/CA was created in AutoCAD.
4 Seasons – New Orleans. I was working as the BIM Consultant for Cambridge 7 Architects in Boston, whom designed the rehab of this existing building. I worked as staff on this for several months, and I fixed and Maintained the Revit Model. This model became corrupted, and I had to coordinate the repair of the model which took appx 1 month. This project had seen 4 BIM consultants due to the state of the existing model.
This is the only project that I have designed from start to finish. I designed this small house for Joya Clevland in Lake Perry, KS. She purchased a plot of land and Planned to build a guest house to start and eventually will build the main house. Using Revit, I designed this house and produced the CD’s in 24 hours. I was able to send it out for a Structural Stamp for $250. While this house is very small and basic, this is an example of how efficient Revit is. I created the Architectural Model, The Structural Model, and The Electrical Model including circuiting all of the Light fixtures and electrical equipment in 3 days. I under-bid 2 other Architects by $18,000. I also used this project for training of 50 electrical engineers. The 24 hours I spent on this house netted me $50,000.
This was a custom home designed by me, commissioned by a GC in Denver. The project was never built due to contractual arguments with the the GC.
This is the most valuable house in Lake Tahoe. I was hired to be the PM on the addition to the house. We added 3 more bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and another garage space, while extending the Master bedroom. Unfortunately I lost the final drawings.
I worked on all low voltage applications in the hotel/Train Station