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Devin Shea

Welcome to my photo page.

My name is Devin Shea, I grew up poor in a poor town in the Midwest. I have studied art for 32 years, and I am a true artist. I am in fact 3rd generation designer. I have many professions including a great Architectural career, but I am switching my business over to photography over the next few years. I love art, and I have studied every trade. I also have devinsheaproductions which is more for my Architecture. 


I sell my work at shows, galleries, and I am published. I am slowing switiching my Architecture profession to photography.  I sell Landscapes, City Scapes, Life, and Portrait. I am tryiyng to improve my portrait and modeling portfolio as I gain new equimpent. I have work from all over the US and parts of Europe for sale. My store will be up soon. 



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