20 Years of Training and Teaching experience.

AEC: I was a tutor of AEC software for 5 years during school. After my very first CAD class, I was offered a job tutoring. I tutored professionals and students until 2008, when I became a part time instructor in higher education. I have worked for 5 Autodesk Training Centers, where I am a certified instructor of Revit, AutoCad, and 3ds Max. I have taught at 4 private trade schools, a BS Architecture program, and have taught in 7 states.

Art and Design: I was an adjunct instructor at the Art Institute of Colorado where I taught in every design field. As an instructor, I attuned many classes in Web Design, Graphic Design, Web design, and became an Adobe Certified Instructor.

I have trained 1000's of people of the years. I train recent graduates, Principles and PM's, and anyone who needs to learn BIM workflows. I can teach almost any subject in Design. I teach online classes or in-person classes at a fraction of the cost of any training centers. I have given out 1000's of AEC professionals.

I can offer firms creation of templates and standards, and then train your staff to properly use the workflow.


Ed Nation

Nationally Recognized Instructor. 2010 Vista Peak Prepatory, Aurora CO 2010