BIM and Technology Consultant

For 15 years, I have been on the cusp of AEC and digital graphic and 3D technology. I have worked for some of the largest tech companies in the world like Intel, Google, and Disney.

Office Technology and Software: I have consulted many companies on everything from PC specs, Sever Configurations, and Cloud technologies.  Every design office works on different types of projects, with personal software and technology fit for those purposes. Knowing which software and technology to use is key to success. Some firms waste $1000's of dollars every year of unneeded software and hardware. Knowing which tech to use is very important.

I am certified in almsost every software in the AEC insustry, so it is easy for me to pick the right tools for your needs. Many firms have no central work flow, and every new employee uses random software. Most principles and Business Managers have zero clue which tech is best for cost effectiveness. I have helped firms that have such a painful technology workflow, that they waste the money of 2-3 employees salaries every year, because they did not consult with a professional. I can offer consulting services as I have worked with the best firms in the US.

Usually I am consulted to help establish overall standards and training protocols for offices that want to fine tune their BIM standards. I can advise on any aspect of the technology workflow. I have also established several start up companies with their first BIM and tech setup, so they can do their work efficiently.

Digital Workflows: Choosing the correct software is very important. Alot of companies fail because they go for free or open-source software options to save money. Buying cheap and unsupported software is dangerous and saves you no money in the end. Autodesk software is expensive, but it comes with support, content, and efficiency. Some offices use less effective software because of name brands. The Mac does not offer Revit, so some firms use Archicad instead of Revit because they like Macs. This will end of costing your company double the cost of using a pc with Revit. But how does a firm know this?

I can show you imperial evidence of any tech selected, and I can analyze several years of your tech cost and profit due to 20 years of experience. Sometimes new management with clash with older management, and you just need a 3rd party to help you arbitrate these decisions. If your company spends $100,000 per year on technology you should hire an outside consultant to help you decide.

Office Technology Workflows: