I have been teaching AEC professionals how to draw for over 20 years. I started out as a CAD tutor, then 3d Viz tutor, and BIM tutor and instructor in 2005. I started using BIM during my last year of Architecture school, and I have been on the front lines of adaptation ever since. I am a certified instructor of Revit and a Certified BIM manager of Archicad. I have worked in every position of BIM in 30 plus disciplines.


Implementation. I have setup Revit standards for 100's of firms in different disciplines. I can take existing CD drawings from cad standards and create BIM templates, standards, and all work flows needed by your company. I have a decade of experience bringing BIM to your company.

Templates: I can create, adjust, or update any template for any office needs. I have created templates for 12 different AEC disciplines. I am an expert at parameters, family editing, industry coding, and Revit operations. I can fine tune your template to any configuration that is needed.

Families: With 20 years of 3d modeling and 15 years of Revit expertise, I can create any family under any condition for proper parametric and information needed for your workflow.

Model Audits: I have audited, cleaned, and repaired 1000's of models in every discipline. Over time models become corrupted, over-sized, or very slow. Models need to be checked and cleaned in various stages to assure that they will not become corrupted. I have state of the art tools to assure that your model will operate at high speed and not become corrupt. I give assessments at every stage of the project with data to show designers what to clean and repair in the model.

BIM Manager Services: I have always been the BIM manager whether or not it is included in my job title. I have worked with 100's of firms to clean up their BIM workflow, support their office BIM needs, and help create or update their office standards. I have worked on 1000's of BIM projects through my many years of consulting.


BIM Coordination: I have years of experience working directly under PMs of Architecture, Structural, MEP, GC's, and 14 other disciplines for Coordination in CD and CA. I have almost a year of experience as a BIM coordinator for GC on the most intense and expensive real-estate in the world.


Clash Detection: I am very experienced with Clash detection in every program that offers it. I generally use Navis for Clash detection, but I have versed in Glue, and several other web based systems. I can take any models from any AEC software and provide clash reports for CA coordination.


Scheduling and Pricing: I can get any information in any model delivered into any format for scheduling and pricing. Most Architects do not model for costing, or even place pricing information into their model. Since I have experience working with GCs, I can create accurate and detailed costing for various elements or phases.


Visualization:  I am also a Visualization expert. I have trained and instructed 3d Modeling and game design for 15 years. I am an expert in all 3d modeling platforms as well as game engines, VR, and AR. I can help you visualize your BIM projects, and help you choose the right viewing software for your needs.